Suppose Malcolm Gladwell Was on the Admissions Committee: Are We Ready to Be Bold?

Suppose Malcolm Gladwell was on the admissions committee of our medical college? I asked the author that question on stage at a recent event by the Philadelphia Arts and Business Council, while talking about Gladwell’s book, “David and Goliath.”


Juicing Up Jeff

This article originally appeared on Philly.com for the Inquirer. Stephen Klasko hadn’t been running the Thomas Jefferson University empire for long before his thoughts turned to Sidney Kimmel. A Philadelphia native who became a billionaire in the fashion industry, Kimmel had given generously to Jefferson in the 1990s but not much since despite funding the performing …


In The Year 2024…

DATE: July 25, 2024 FROM: Stephen K Klasko, M.D., M.B.A. Retired President & CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Health System Current CEO, Steve’s Vinyl Emporium and Implantable Health Chips, South Street, Philadelphia Dear Colleagues, Here we are in the year 2024 and as I take stock over the past decade it is amazing how far …


One Jefferson: One Future

The experience was exhilarating to hear an historic, major national institution plan its future in academic health. For six months, I’ve been listening as the people of Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals talked about an ideal and optimistic future for health and medicine. Our faculty, staff, students and patients have told us what they want …


Looking Past the Usual Suspects for New Collaborations

Dr. Klasko delivered this keynote speech in Philadelphia on July 15, 2014 at the CONVERGE conference on healthcare and innovation. In this video, Dr. Klasko looks back from the vantage of the year 2024, the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s founding, and discusses updating medical education to focus on emotional intelligence, the use of telemedicine to …


Innovating with Telehealth

Time for telehealth. You cannot over-invest in physician leadership for telehealth. As an academic health center, this is our time to make that investment, right now. Giving patients access to their physicians through different communication tools can only be a good thing. I recently sat down with Hospitals & Health Networks, the flagship publication of …


The Four Pillars Every Academic Health Center Needs

Support for faculty, for students, for places to work, and for innovation. The gift to Jefferson by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation is important for its transformative size, but also for its targets. Let me explain. I’ve talked about four pillars that can sustain academic health centers during rapid national change. This gift makes it possible …

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