Dr. Klasko’s Vision for Jefferson Featured in Philly Philly’s Mo Manklang recently attended Dr. Klasko’s Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange presentation and outlined her four key takeaways.


Dr. Stephen Klasko in the New York Times: Where Einstein, Jobs and Yoda Join Strategy Sessions

Have you ever wondered what makes someone like Dr. Steve Klasko tick? His workspace is probably a good start. The New York Times recently wrote an article on the very subject.


Looking Past the Usual Suspects for New Collaborations

Dr. Klasko delivered this keynote speech in Philadelphia on July 15, 2014 at the CONVERGE conference on healthcare and innovation. In this video, Dr. Klasko looks back from the vantage of the year 2024, the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s founding, and discusses updating medical education to focus on emotional intelligence, the use of telemedicine to …

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