In the News: A Q & A about Health Care in America

In the News: A Q & A about Health Care in America

Dr. Stephen Klasko sat down with Jared Shelly of BizPhilly to answer some questions about health care in America and Jefferson’s recent growth.

Dr. Klasko believes the Affordable Care Act, though well-intentioned, is problematic. He explained that the goal of increasing access and quality, while decreasing cost but not fundamentally changing the system is not sustainable.

He also discussed Jefferson’s recent integration announcements. It’s not about size, but rather about getting Jefferson care out to where the patients are.

“We want to make it very easy for people from every area, from every county, to access Jefferson care. It might be an urgent care center. It might be a primary care activity. It might be through tele-health. We ought to make it very easy to have people feel that they can partner with Jefferson.”

Dr. Klasko also described the recent announcement of Jefferson and Philadelphia University signing a Letter of Intent to Integrate as “the biggest no-brainer”.

“When you think about the two places where health care needs an ‘extreme makeover’ it’s academics and health care. So my ability to partner with arguably one of the best — in U.S. News & World Report they’re the No. 10 design school — made it an easy decision,” he said. “Design is patient experience, and that’s what it’s going to be all about. For millennials, it’s no longer, ‘this is my hospital.’ It’s patient experience — that’s design.”