In the News: Independence/Jefferson Health Hack

In the News: Independence/Jefferson Health Hack

The Independence/Jefferson Health Hack  brought together 250 healthcare professionals, patients, designers, artists, engineers, web developers and students over the weekend to create new ways to promote access and delivery to healthcare.

The event kicked off with presentations by individuals who had an idea for a problem to hack within three categories: drone-based healthcare delivery, reducing readmissions and wearables.

Those with ideas were asked to present to the entire group.  Participants were asked to join with the individual whose problem was the most interesting to them. The presentations ranged from adherence to inhaler use for asthmatics, to the role of drones in natural disasters, to a wearable device that detects epileptic seizures. Once the teams were formed, participants got to work on solutions, which they presented to a panel of judges at the conclusion of the event.

Bon Ku, M.D., an ER physician and Associate Professor at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, and Donna Gentile O’Donnell, Ph.D., Vice President of Innovation Programs and Partnerships at Jefferson were inspired to bring a health hack to Jefferson after attending a hackathon at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with several students.

“We don’t design health care delivery from a patient’s perspective,” Dr. Ku said in a Philadelphia Inquirer article about the Health Hack. “We want patients to be creating their own solutions to health care. They know the disease process better than doctors.”

Dr. O’Donnell told KYW, “This is about hacking into new ideas, hacking into new possibilities.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the winners for each category:

  • Drone-based Healthcare Delivery: Tigerdrone, which can search for people injured in disasters or war zones.
    Creators: Brad Flaugher, Marni Duffy, Mike Lehman, Deborah Murphy, Ted Fujimoto, Jon Kiel, and Hannah Murnen.
  • Reducing Readmissions: CareCube, a transmissible, six-sided cube that aids in tracking peoples’ emotional states.
    Creators: Justin Kunkel, Dominic Prestifilippo, Kai Teng Chi, and Johana Vanegas.
  • Wearables: Build-a-limb, which empowers amputees to help create their own prosthetic limbs.
    Creators: by Sean Walker.