Streaming a ‘Netflix’ Innovation for Health Care

Streaming a ‘Netflix’ Innovation for Health Care

It is time to bring medicine home. To be truly patient-centric, we need to think about the patient before he or she leaves home, not just when the patient’s in the doctor’s office or hospital.

That’s why I believe the future belongs to a partnership of clinicians, entrepreneurs and patients. Patients who “plug in,” who engage in self-service, who go online, who join social media and virtual support groups—have better health outcomes than patients who don’t. Isolation kills. Connectivity is good medicine. Taking ownership is the single greatest step toward health and wellness.

There’s an interesting and growing role for business in this shift. These new alliances can change how we deliver health care. The trick is to match the consumer movement of engaged patients with the developing new platforms for care. This is exciting—a chance for us to work together to make significant advances in health.

I see in this change a parallel that I call “moving from Blockbuster to Netflix.” Medicine is heading for the Netflix model. It’s coming home…

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